Aditya Mukarji

Teenager on a crusade to save the planet

It’s like in the movies. The world is in threat and intrepid teens are planning a rescue. In this case, it is eighteen-year old Aditya Mukarji. His work has already been noticed around the globe. He has participated in discussions organised by bodies like the UN and CII-FICCI, worked with both public and private entities, interned with the UNDP, attended the UN Youth Climate Action Summit 2019 in New York and has now been selected to represent India at the ‘Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition’ event in Milan, Italy. Aditya’s journey in conservation started with a passionate battle against plastic pollution. Encouraged by his mentor, Bharati Chaturvedi of Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group, he started a campaign to have restaurants in Delhi’s Khan Market give up plastic straws.

He helped connect businesses with suppliers of eco-friendly alternatives and bridged the information gap between them. Aditya is driven by a simple philosophy – if you cannot re-use it, refuse it. He strongly believes in individual social responsibility which is why he spends a lot of time inspiring his peers to join him through awareness drives and competitions. He belongs to a generation that is most anxious about the world they’re going to inherit. He knows that a lot more work needs to be done and he has no intention of stopping. His work supports Sustainable Development Goal 12, and gives us a head start on the ban on single use plastics that will begin in July 2022 across the country.