Medha Priya

Towards a low-carbon economy, one building at a time

Medha became an architect to make resource efficient buildings that result in reduced emissions and have net-zero impact on the environment. After switching to sustainability consulting, she works as a Green Building Analyst. In this role, she facilitates building certifications (WELL, LEED, GRIHA, and IGBC) that prompt stakeholders to adopt greener construction practices. Her role directly tackles issues of climate change by enabling the reduction of greenhouse emissions from materials used as well as in the heating, cooling, and lighting of buildings. This is essential for a low-carbon economy since the construction sector accounts for approximately 40% of global GHG emissions.

Her work lies at the intersection of SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 3: Good health and Well-being, and contributes to the goals of our NDCs for emissions reduction. She collaborates with both private and public bodies. One of her current projects, Bureau of Energy Efficiency Programme for Net Zero Energy Buildings, is in collaboration with the Ministry of Power. Growing up in picturesque Shillong, she has watched the city change due to unregulated construction activities that encroached upon sensitive land, increased pollution and triggered unnatural patterns of monsoons. Having seen the cost of urban development, she believes it is paramount that we now shift towards environmentally conscious choices for a sustainable and climate-secure future.