Siddhartha Sharma

When disaster strikes, he helps keep many heads above water

Floods affect Assam with regularity on a yearly basis. People die, animals get washed away, homes are damaged and crops get destroyed. While long-lasting solutions are still being debated, Siddhartha S. who has seen the human cost of this misery first-hand for nearly a decade now, decided to act. As a Sustainability and Climate Risk practitioner, he chose the path of preparedness to mitigate the impact of floods. He works with communities and public and private agencies to offer relief, support rehabilitation and capacity building through know-how on better preparedness after the monsoon season.

His work achieves the goals that the National Disaster Management Plan and SDG Goal 11 aim to achieve, by reducing the damage caused by disasters, particularly to vulnerable populations. He is the Founding Curator of the Global Shapers Guwahati Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. Over the last two years, he has directly worked with various communities providing them with relief and rehabilitation opportunities. Through his work he has engaged with nearly 10,000 flood affected individuals, many of whom are the most vulnerable sections of society.