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Are YOU a young climate leader with a positive climate action story of your own?

Our 17 young climate leaders would love to have you join them as the public face of #WeTheChangeNOW to empower India's climate goals and take it to the next level


ना सरकार मेरी है, ना रौब मेरा है,
ना बड़ा सा नाम मेरा है,
मुझे तो एक छोटी सी बात का गौरव है,
मै हिन्दुस्तान का हूँ
... और “हिन्दुस्तान” मेरा है। #WeTheChangeNow
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Working with NGOs in Meerut, #HinaSaifi started to work on climate awareness after noting a lack of environmental awareness in her village Sisosla. From campaigning for solar-powered solutions to mobilizing local communities to tackle air pollution through public campaigns, Saifi has been ...recognized as one of the 17 Climate Change leaders for #UN India’s campaign

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Our world is going through a stage of unprecedented levels of danger to every life on the planet. We as a specie, has successfully infiltrated and exhausted every terrain on this planet for the advancement of unhealthy or linear technologies and to serve the growing selfish demands. This is the ...time to call out and act upon parties to change centuries-old ways of mankind that is driven towards profit and productivity.

The global temperature for this century are set to rise to a whopping 2.7 degree Celsius rather than the limit set for 2 degree Celsius in the Paris agreement. The countries and its policies are key factors to cut down on emissions to keep it from going over the 'point of no comeback'.

PM Narendra Modi on Monday, 1st November, addressed the COP26 World Leaders' Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, saying that India has committed to achieve complete net-zero carbon emissions by 2070, significantly reduce use of fossil fuel and increase renewable energy use by 2030.

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As #COP26 gets underway, we’re reminded that while global governments can play an important role in fighting climate change, in order to sustain the movement and make real change we need to combat climate change at every level.

While world leaders discuss climate at COP26, Purpose will ...be highlighting some of the innovative work being done through Purpose Climate Lab & other partnerships to accelerate climate action in communities - local champions of climate action who have been doing the work and will continue long after COP26.

Today we highlight the We the Change campaign in India, where young climate champions are not standing idly by.

Purpose worked with uninindia to showcase the work of 17 inspiring Young Climate Leaders from all over the country have come together under the banner of #WeTheChangeNOW to accelerate climate action in India.

Checkout #WeTheChangeNOW to read their stories and support these climate heroes.

Here is to share about my campaign to Include Climate Education in school because it's an essential element of the global response to climate change!

Sign the petition (Link in bio)
Also looking forward to your inputs for curriculum building!

Responding to climate change ...today encompasses two things:

Reducing our emissions and stabilizing the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (we call this climate change ‘mitigation’);

Adjusting to the actual and expected climate (which is referred to as ‘adaptation’).

There is a variety of instruments that are needed to achieve that – political regulations, financial and technological incentives – but this only works if people understand what climate change is and how to act upon it. So we need to change the way individuals think and act to “change minds, not the climate”, and education is crucial to achieving the dramatic transformation that is needed.
Education is an essential element of the global response to climate change. It helps people understand and address the impact of global warming, increases “climate literacy” among young people, encourages changes in their attitudes and behavior and helps them adapt to climate change-related trends. Education and awareness-raising enable informed decision-making, play an essential role in increasing adaptation and mitigation capacities of communities, and empower women and men to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

I, along with all the Young Climate Activists demand the Education & Government leaders of India include Climate Education in schools. moefccgoi eduminofindia

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*REWIND* an ADAPT.initiative
( Check reels for entire process)

It started with trash thinking where I found around 20 discarded dvd discs at home . The discs were enough to create some design on smaller scale . Later , I wanted to create something that can contribute to some use. ...

For a change , I visited scrapyard to see if anything is available . I was lucky to find old cassettes, carbon discs and mixtapes in first visit itself.It occupied the remaining space . Now , the task was to find teakwood /pinewood for wooden frame . I ended up getting a discarded door frame due to budget crunch. This was the point where entire process Rewound to think of ideas and concepts again.

From removing jalis , nails to refurbishing it entirely with grinder and enhancing its natural color and texture, the process begun.
The door has 5 compartments from which we only had 4 different types of vintage audio cycle .The 5th? Rewind back to vintage era

The journey with REWIND Taught me -

Having a budget crunch does not mean you've to giveup on your idea. There is always a jugaad for something or the other. There is always a space for exploration , don't settle for basic .

Mentor's guidance plays a very important role in your initial stage. It will help you think of more possibilities and will guide you incase you mess up .

When you get opportunities , own it. If you haven't got an opportunity yet , create it for you own .

Helping me execute - mukhotaarts

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We are honoured to be featured by The Hindustan Times on the special occasion of Gandhi Jyanti ✨

Our collaborative efforts with trust and dedication to the work has contributed to the success of Energinee Innovations

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🌲Seven Speakers and two hours of deep discussions on what is the right SENSE to approach the problem of climate change, where we are heading and what resistence we re facing to adopt sustainable solutions!

✨SENSE AND SUSTAINABILITY was HFE's first summit and we are so proud to ...have hosted speakers and attendees from across the world and varied age groups , which reflected humanity's true spirit of unity in times of need.

🎋Special thanks to the wonderful team who worked round the clock to make this happen and we are happy to announce that put next summit is on the cards too!

👉It is time we all act, discuss the problem and find the apt solution for climate change!

To new opinions, voices and solutions that will help us preserve our planet.

"We are after all Humans for Earth "🌎

_.forthefuture._ thank you so much for the photos ❤️

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It was a moment of great pride and joy for me when I came to know that my story has been selected by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India moefccgoi UN Environment Programme unep Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) ficci_india and GiZ... as a outcome of participating in the International Tide Turner's plastic challenge on the Ocaasion of launching event of Campaign on single Use plastic 2021.
There were 77,000 youth from all across India from which 2500 were champions out of those only 3 stories were showcased of which one was mine. "

The whole programme was designed to inspire young adults to reflect upon their plastic consumption and to discover solutions to it and bring a remarkable change in their homes, communities, institutions and offices...

I warmhearetedly thank Centre for Environment Education Cee for encouraging youths like us to come at the forefront and deliver our best...
And also Mansi Shah for her guidance.

P.s. I would like to express my gratitude to j_ay_d_ip for his Immense support and guidance throughout the journey of the event...

#TideTurnersPlasticChallenge #tideturner #cleanseas #GenerationRestoration #EcosystemRestoration #environmentconservationyouthclub

Are YOU a young climate leader with a positive climate action story of your own?

Come check out #WeTheChangeNOW on and stand a chance to be featured!